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HR Policy

Operon Biotech and Healthcare is an equal opportunity employer.We recruit and select applicants solely on their merits.The company wants its employees to feel proud of their association with us be valued and be able to fulfil their potential and recognise that the success of the business relies oslim4vit precio their skill and dedication.The company does not tolerate harassment of any employee.


Personal Responsibility

We believe in individual’s involvement and accountability. It’s individual’s privilege too.We accept personal responsibility for everything that we do.We are concerned about the company’s reputation and treat that as our own.We value time and make wise use of it. We value the company’s resourceslim4vit precio and utilize it for the company’s growth.We realise the importance of accessing and utilizing the company’s resources and information necessary in participating in decisions without jeopardizing the collective reputation. We add an element of Passion in whatever we do.We shall at any time not divulge the secrets of the company for personal benefits.

We are looking for dynamic professionals across various functions to join us. Write to us or send in your

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