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Operon Biotech and Healthcare is a Bangalore based in-vitro diagnostic Company. Established in August 2008, we are represented by people who have more than a decade of experience in this industry. We are a team of competent people on board, young, energetic, enthusiastic.
We are here to Listen, to discuss, to give solutions, to deliver value…

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What we do:
Operon Biotech and Healthcare is an organisation focussed on important in-vitro diagnostic tools for use in clinical laboratories, Healthcare and point of care testing. We collaborate with the best of companies and work closely with our customers. We then offer our end users unparalleled service, technical support and training. End result is a happy customer, a smiling patient and a Proud WE.
Afser Shariff, CEO of the company puts it “founded on the belief of providing Stable, Sustainable and Scalable diagnostic tools & Solutions, Operon Biotech intends to bring a portfolio of POCT, Hematology and HealthCare products to Indian market”. Our key strength lies in our strong product line, reputed customer base, proven marketing strategies, excellent technical and customer support. We have a notable presence in Hemostasis and POCT devices.
We revel in Hematology and Healthcare. We revel in the rich feeling that we derive offering quality products and technical support. We revel in surprising our clients and partners with unique products. We are zealous in what we do and wish to attain Nirvana in that we do!
We are committed to leverage innovation and scale of operations at every step of the Healthcare value chain to deliver value to our Clients.

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What’s New @ Operon

Whats my INR Today?Does this question haunt you…No Worries……
With the advanced biosensor technology of the qLabs® platform, enables
(Fingerstick blood) rapid testing by patient-side, so that health care
professionals and patients themselves can access real-time, lab-quality
resultswithin minutes, right at Point of Care or at home. The Q labs Pro
Version meant for professional testing offers extended test menu
including PT/INR/APTT. The company is continuously working on addition
of more parameters to this variant, like Lipid Profile,Glucose, CRP, ACT

Operon Aster BP Monitorno2

Are you at a risk for High Blood Pressure??
Left untreated, it can lead to Heart Attack/Stroke.

Operon Aster BP Monitor help the users to measure their BP
independently and correctly so that they are not only able to keep a tab
on their health smartly but also can facilitate their physicians to
provide the right treatment if need be.
The new Aster BP monitor
comes with large display and unique design, which enables easy reading.
IHB indicator which detects irregular heart beats equipped with
One-button operation. 2 User options is also available with 120T memory

Operon NT-Quick: TOUCH FREE Infrared Thermometer

Utilizing Infrared Technology,This thermometer takes temperature in
SECONDS by measuring heat generated on the surface skin of the forehead
or other objects.

Operon’s new thermometer comes with unique “Night Mode” Feature, to
reduce the interference of buzzer when your baby is sleeping…,with 30
memory storage, Fever indicator,Illuminated back light display and with
economic design & convenience.

MOST Affordable, Compact FULLY Automated Coagulation Analyser System
Finally, Coagulation testing is no more a difficult task with Operon
XL-1000i – Fully Automated Coagulation Analyzer. A compact benchtop
model, designed to do your routine PT, PTT, Fib and TT with ease and
accommodate special investigations like Factor assays, D-Dimer testing
etc… Without a Flinch.
With Onboard cooling system, Low working
cost, collision protection probe and automatic level sensing, it’s
surely going to be a buzzword in Haemostasis testing.
All these features @ very very low cost. Truly, Technology made so very much affordable.

QuikCoag™ Hemostasis Reagentsno2
BioMedica Diagnostics develops and manufactures the QuikCoag brand of
products, a comprehensive line of reagents, kits, calibrators and
controls for use in routine and specialty coagulation. QuikCoag products
are represented through a worldwide network of distributors.
Quick Coag PT-HS (Prothrombin Time)
Quick Coag APTT-EA (Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time)
Quick Coag Fibrinogen
Quick Coag Controls

no3Operon Gmate SMART: The Smart Blood Glucose Meter

Our Latest Operon Gmate Smart is a “Scintillating and Suave”
Glucometer that flawlessly connects to Smartphone Device iPhone/iPad and
on other popular Android phones. The first of its kind in Indian
market. With its exquisite design and relaxed operation procedure we
view it as a harbinger in personal healthcare technology. Gmate Smart
Blood Glucose Meter combined with your smart phone can be used to
measure blood glucose levels. It uses the operating system of your
smartphone and the APP through which the Gmate Smart Meter works is free
to download. Use Gmate Smart to search under APPSTORE for Apple
Products and Google Play for Android Platforms. It connects to your
smartphone via Head Phone Jack. Switch now to this revolutionary product
and be in better control.

Gmate SMART system combined with your smart phone can be used to
measure blood glucose anywhere and anytime. It uses the operating system
of your smart phone and is easy & simple to operate, provides you
accurate results.

Other benefits: No battery insertion required, No
settings required, with unlimited memory also approved for AST
(Alternate Site Testing),thereby giving you more options and less pain.