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Operon Triscan Blood Mixer:for 360° mixing

Quality Reports Starts With A Quality Sample. Use Triscan Mixer for homogenious mixing of Samples…

1. 360 Degree Rotation.
2. Mixing By Inversion.
3. Quick Homogenization of cells.
4. Gentle mixing without damage to cell suspensions.
5. Blood Samples/Controls ready to use in no time.

  • POWER 12 V 0.2 A(External DC Adaptor).
  • MOTOR DC Geared Motor.
  • SPEED Default 30 RPM. Selectable at 25,30 or 35 RPM.
  • DIMENSIONS 180*180*250 mm.
  • WEIGHT 4.5 Kg.

Operon Temp-fix Incubator

Temperature Counts on your Results…. Rely on Temp-Fix Incubator for better results!!

1. Advanced Micro Controller Design with Precise Temperature.
2. PWM based Heating for very low power consumption.
3. Dual Block with Independent Timer & Temperature control.
4. Easy Operation & Simple to use.
5. Suitable for Low to High load Labs.
6. Compact space saving design.
7. Wide Temperature range from 30 ° C to 45 ° C

  • Display 16.Char. X 2 Line Alpanumeric
  • Keypad Membrane Key Pad.
  • Incubator Block Two Independent Block of 25 Slots
  • Temperature Default 37 ° C( Can be set upto 45 ° C)
  • Inbuilt Timer Independent Timer for each clock.
  • Power 24 V 3A (External DC Adaptor)
  • Dimensions 180 *180 *250 mm
  • Weight 4.5 kg.

QuikCoag™ Hemostasis Reagents

BioMedica Diagnostics develops and manufactures the QuikCoag brand of products, a comprehensive line of reagents, kits, calibrators and controls for use in routine and specialty coagulation. QuikCoag products are represented through a worldwide network of distributors.

  • Quick Coag PT-HS (Prothrombin Time).
  • Quick Coag APTT-EA (Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time.
  • Quick Coag Fibrinogen.
  • Quick Coag Controls.
    Quick Coag PT-HS (Prothrombin Time):
  • Method of Choice for monitoring oral anticoagulant therapy.
  • LOW ISI Value of 0.9 to 1.1.
  • Excellent Sensitivity to Extrinsic Factors II, V and X.
  • Long Shelf Life.
  • Good Stability on Reconstitution.
  • Normal range falls between 10 – 15 Seconds.
  • Separate ISI values for Optical and Mechanical Instruments.

Quick Coag APTT-EA (Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time):

  • Used for General Screening for coagulation abnormalities in Intrinsic Pathway.
  • Excellent Sensitivity to Intrinsic factors VIII, IX,XI, XII, X and II, Prekallikrein, HMWK and FIB.
  • Enhanced Sensitivity to Lupus Inhibitors and FDP.
  • Suitable to be used for Heparin Anticoagulation Monitoring.

Quick Coag Fibrinogen:

  • Modified Clauss Method.
  • Gold Standard in Fib Estimation.
  • Built in Controls/Calibrators.
  • Suitable for Optical/Mechanical methods.
  • Long Shelf Life.

Quick Coag Controls:

  • Convenient Pack size of 1ml each.
  • Values for Quick Coag PT-HS/Aptt-EA and Fibriongen.
  • Excellent Stability.
  • Long Shelflife.

Operon Bp Monitor Adapter

Product specification:

    Operon OP-ADVP6V Bp Monitor Adapter:
  • Compatible With Operon comfort blood pressure monitor
  • Color Black
  • Weight 100 g
  • Length 8 cm
  • One Adapter


Operon Glucometer Lancets

Blood lancets are generally disposable. Lancets are also used to prick the skin. A blood-sampling device, also known as a lancing device, is a reusable instrument equipped with a lancet. It is also most commonly used by diabetics during blood glucose monitoring.

Operon Glucometer Strips

Operon Glucometer Strips:Testing a blood glucose regularly can help keep your diabetes under control.Operon Gmate blood glucose test strips when used with glucomate, measures the concentration of blood glucose by self testing for both Professional and home use. can be used in all gmate glucometers(Tiny,Step,Wheel,Smart).


Operon Bp Monitor Cuff