Administrator (office)

The office manager is the first person that clients and counterparties of the company encounter. It is very important that his appearance is pleasant and for this purpose employers first of all pay attention to how you look, so make sure to add your photo to your resume. An office manager should have a good speech, because in a day you have to make a lot of calls, meet visitors, organize meetings. It is good if you have a degree in business, philology or psychology, as well as organizational skills. Show on your resume that you can effectively run the area of work entrusted to you.

Professional Skills

Here is a possible list of professional skills for an office administrator resume.

  • Confident user of PC and office programs;
  • Literate oral and written speech;
  • Event management skills;
  • Organizational skills;
  • Knowledge of business etiquette;
  • Knowledge of foreign languages;
  • Experience in keeping cash, credit and debit documents;
  • Ability to motivate staff;
  • Ability to negotiate and correspond;
  • Ability to resolve conflict situations;
  • Life support skills of the office;
  • Skills of communicating with clients;
  • Skills of work in 1C program.

Personal and business qualities

We offer a list of personal qualities and skills suitable for the position of an administrator:

  • responsibility;
  • active position in life;
  • high working ability;
  • communication skills;
  • stress resistance;
  • energy;
  • non-conflict nature;
  • organization;
  • independence;
  • organizational skills;
  • quick learning ability;
  • attentiveness;
  • conscientiousness;
  • competent speech;
  • initiative;
  • honesty;
  • punctuality.

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