About food. How not to eat too much and what should the portions

What to do to not eat extra

Quite often on holidays, getting out of the table, we have a feeling of overcrowding in the stomach. Such a feeling can last a long time. This may be due to the fact that you do not know the measures in food, and maybe this is due to the fact that you want to get your problems and trouble.

In order for you do not overeat, you must adhere to the moderation of nutrition. This method will allow not to gain extra kilograms and feel excellent.

In order not to eat extra, you first need to learn how to control food eating. It should be remembered that it is impossible to be forced and too fast, as it will lead to overeating. It must be remembered that the saturation of the body comes gradually, so you need to separate your favorite portion.

In order not to eat extra, you will need to feel hunger. Make it will be enough simple, it is worth not to eat 4-4.5 hours. This is what time is necessary in order for a person to realize that he is hungry.

During the adoption of tying, you will need to feel the taste of food. To do this, food should be carefully chewed. If you eat quickly, then you will definitely move.

What size should be a portion

If you open any culinary book, you can see the frequently repeated word "portion". Also often about portions mentioned in diets. If you believe nutitologists, the portion is necessary in order for a person to get the necessary amount of food and its weight was optimal.

If we talk about portions, then for each product and dishes it will be different. Most often, the portion is developed by nutritionists, in order for a person to control the amount of food consumed. In such calculations, nutritionists try to take into account all the necessary substances that will be contained in one or another product.

In order to know how the ideal portion should be, you can use the following calculations:

- If we talk about meat products, it is 30 grams for a person for one reception to saturate your body with all the necessary vitamins. Such meat dishes include bipfstex, cutlets, fried meat.

- As for the fish, the person must eat 150-200 grams of fish, preferably not fatty varieties.

- flour and grain products need to be used daily by 50 grams per meal.

- If we talk about porridge, one eaten portion should be 100 grams.

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