Vegetable puree for first dust

If your karapuza has already been 4-5 months, then you can move to a new kind of food - first dust. At this age, the child's body requires more vitamins, macro and trace elements, proteins. All useful substances kids can get from mashed potatoes and various porridge.

The perfect option is a children's puree. Baby food manufacturers offer a huge range, so you can not spend time on home cooking. In addition, pediatricians believe that they are rather difficult to prepare at home high-quality, enriched with minerals and vitamins.

With cooking, quite a lot of vitamins are destroyed, besides, without special equipment it is impossible to chop all components to a state of a homogeneous mixture. Therefore, the first lure should be a product of industrial manufacture.

It is also important that modern products may contain harmful substances. There is no guarantee that the mashed potatoes made by you from the purchased vegetables will be useful.

Child food industrial production is a thorough check. It has an ideally selected and balanced composition, enriched with vitamins and minerals, corresponds to the age characteristics of the child's body.

To become acquainted with new food, give preference to a monocomponent version of cabbage, potatoes or carrots.

If the products did not cause allergies, you can go to the puree from several components. Each new version includes a child only after the kid got used to the previous one. Gradually introduce zucchini, pumpkin, beets, peas and legumes should be given in the latter order.

The volume of serving depends on the age of the baby. It is better to start with 20 grams, in 2 weeks the norm increases to 150 grams, as a result, one breast feeding is completely replaced by a bait.

If an allergy or a stomach disorder is observed, then eliminate the new ingredient from the dish. Remember that buying ready-made vegetable mixes for baby food, do not add them, add vegetable oil.

If your baby does not even want to try a new eating, then do not insist, refuse time from the introduction of the feeding. After a few days, repeat the attempt. So that the new taste does not scare away the crumb, spread the vegetable mixture with a small amount of breast milk.

Today manufacturers offer baby mashed potatoes for kids of different ages, all the necessary information is on the label. If the jar is indicated that the product is suitable for children 5-6 months, it means that the vegetable mixture is crushed into a homogeneous mass, it is this option that is required for the first appliance with vegetables. Looking for wife from Ukraine? Best ukrainian dating website for chat with ukrainian girls on . Find your Ukrainian love.

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