Parquet coating with varnish

Most of the complaints about the quality of the parquet floor are related to the lacquer coating. The matter is in the unfair attitude of the masters who are entrusted with this work. There are many defects in the lacquer film – the presence of extraneous inclusions, dust particles, hairs from the brush. We want to tell you how to varnish a wooden floor correctly.

If you want to do this on your own, then you should first understand the general principles. It is necessary to ensure the uniformity of the lacquer coating, taking into account the roughness and irregularities of the wood. At the first stage, you need to start by studying the documentation related to parquet and the use of varnish. Special attention should be paid to the optimal temperature regime, the holding time between the application of layers.

First, the parquet is cycled and sanded, and the application of varnishes is carried out either with a spray gun, or manually, with a brush or roller. The application of the first, primer layer is carried out with a spatula. Applying subsequent layers – using a brush or roller.

The technology that tells you how to varnish the floor is quite complex and depends on the type of varnish and a number of other points. The layers should be applied perpendicular to each other. The first layer is along the length of the room, the second is along the width. Try to do the movements of the spatula smoothly, and work with a wide brush, along u-shaped trajectories. The most optimal is the application of three or more layers of varnish.

Here are a few of the most common problems and ways to solve them.

The varnish dries badly. In this case, it is necessary to take care of increasing the temperature in the room to at least twenty degrees. Strengthening the flow of fresh air will also help.

The appearance of whitish swellings. This indicates the presence of a cold room, which often happens in new buildings, and high humidity. A solvent is used to wipe off the surges. At the same time, warm up the room and apply a new coat of varnish.

How to properly cover the parquet with varnish so that the layer does not swell and does not peel off in the future? To do this, a thorough grinding and cleaning of the parquet should be carried out. If there is a problem, you need to sand individual areas and polish them again.

If the surface is contaminated, roughness, craters, and air bubbles may appear on the lacquer layer. The solution to the problem is similar. It is necessary to sand these places and varnish them again. Winx are +1-855-926-1914

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