Promotion of young sites in Yandex

As you know, sites that were created a certain time ago are best promoted - for example, 2 years ago or more. But the promotion of a new young site in Yandex and Google seems to be quite a difficult task, since search engines have not yet had time to form an opinion about it. Thus, the initial promotion of the newly created site seems to be a rather responsible procedure, since it is important not to ruin the resource at the initial stage.

The site can be called young if it is: Recently registered on a new domain; Was previously registered on the old domain, but until now there was a so-called "stub" in its place; It was registered on the old domain, however, for certain reasons, it is currently missing from search engine results, not attracting visitors and not increasing the natural reference mass.

Difficulties in the promotion of young sites: The new project has a low level of authority for search engines. Furthermore, Yandex or Google may simply not "see" Your website due to its lack of fullness, a low popularity or for other reasons; In this case, the standard ways of promotion almost irrelevant; It is quite a long process. Moreover, it is almost impossible to clearly indicate the timing of receiving the results of promotion and promise "top-3 in 2 weeks", giving impossible promises, only a person who expects to get a paying client at any cost, without having real knowledge about SEO. However, according to statistics, the first positive changes occur after 4-6 months, and a good result is visible after 6-8 months.

The promotion of a young website is similar to the process of treating a patient in a polyclinic - no doctor can say how quickly you will have a runny nose, however, the more clearly you follow medical prescriptions for recovery, the sooner a positive result will come. In the promotion of the site, success will be determined by the well-chosen methods and how quickly the customer makes the changes recommended by the webmaster.

The promotion of new young sites begins with a full audit of technical features, usability, as well as the formation of a semantic core, filling the site with high-quality content, external and internal optimization.

Moreover, in the early stages, the emphasis is on internal optimization, after which it is necessary to work with external factors. And after full indexing of the site, other optimization methods are also connected. Homemade porn USA.

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