Review: Doctor's Kit

For their full development, children need role-playing games, in which they master the skills of social communication, get acquainted with professions. The doctor's toy set is recognized as one of the best children's kits for child development and familiarization with the doctor's profession.  

Kit characteristics

The game is available in various configurations. The necessary items included in each kit are a thermometer, syringe, glasses, stethoscope, scissors. The minimum number of items is 6 pieces. Depending on the complexity and purpose of the kit, the number of instruments increases - this includes a gown with a cap and trousers, a heating pad, a medicine bottle, a hammer for a neurologist, a scapula for examining a throat, a test tube, a medical mask, bandages, and a dropper. The vision test chart is so realistic that it can easily replace a real chart for adults. Large kits contain up to 40 different instruments.


The doctor's play set is designed for children from one to four years old. Sets with large toys are suitable for the smallest. Older children can be gifted with a more challenging game, which includes dental instruments, eye mirrors and other doctor's supplies. There is even a coupon to see a doctor, a medical card.

A variety of doctor's kits are on sale with:

with a bathrobe;
with a cart;
with a suitcase;
with a table.
There are kits designed to treat people and animals. They also differ in color: pink - for girls, blue - for boys.

Doctor recruitment benefits

The doctor's set is the best gift for children . The toys in the set are painted in bright colors, and are also made of environmentally friendly materials that do not cause allergies and irritation in children. The instruments are made in the likeness of real ones. Toys contain light and sound effects - an illuminated stethoscope, a stethoscope transmits a heartbeat, a telephone with sound.

The main advantages of the set:

environmental friendliness;
the beauty;
Accessories with rounded shapes, with blunt ends, which reduces the risk of injury. There are specialized sets for playing dentist, ophthalmologist, etc.

What qualities does "Set Doctor" develop in children?

You should definitely buy a doctor's kit for your child, since the game:

promotes the development of social skills - children communicate with each other, gaining sociability;
gives teaching skills - introduces the doctor's profession, medical terminology, teaches the provision of first aid. Having trained on dolls, children can further help adults, animals;
removes the fear of going to the doctor - having received knowledge about medical activities, the child will not be afraid to go to the doctor, because he knows what it is for, what procedures will be carried out with him;
forms views and worldviews - sometimes such a game serves as a reason for further professional choice.

If you want to make a good gift for your child, then it is easy to buy a children's doctor's set in St. Petersburg in an online store. The catalog contains a wide range of different games. You can independently choose or ask for help from a consultant, providing information about the age, gender, preferences of the child. He will provide information on all toys, payment and delivery methods for free.

Having chosen the set you like, you can leave a request on the website. The goods will be promptly completed and delivered to the specified address.



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