The benefits of crypto-casinos for players

There are two types of crypto-casinos:

  • The first is a regular online casino that supports cryptocurrency such as bitcoin as a payment method, you just need to have the right amount in your online wallet. Truth be told, these are not real crypto casinos, as they do not take advantage of any blockchain.
  • The second type of casino - the entire infrastructure runs on blockchain. It has no server, no licenses, no managers - the blockchain takes care of everything.

Blockchain is a large decentralized database. It runs on users' computers and does not require a central server. To access such a casino, you need to install special extensions. Games, payment processing, membership management, RTP software - every part of the online casino runs on this blockchain.

Blockchain processes all payments automatically thanks to the smart contracts feature. Even if the casino closes, players' winnings are saved in the blockchain. The integrity of the game is controlled by the players themselves, hence, the cryptocurrency casino does not need a license.

No license is required

Crypto casinos do not have a central server, so they do not need "permission" from the government. Casino owners are anonymous. The government can't control any servers because they don't exist. Thus, there are no country restrictions for crypto-casinos. They can accept participants from anywhere in the world. Moreover, participants can remain anonymous. They don't need to give the casino their personal and financial information. An email address is enough to become a crypto-casino participant, and no identity verification is done.

No verification is required

Players can check the true RTP bets in all games. This system cannot be cheated, and you can be sure that the games are really honest.

Controls are not required

No one has to "validate" your withdrawal request. Your potential winnings are already on the blockchain and tied to a smart contract. This means you get paid as soon as you win - no need to wait days or even hours. Play any game, win it, and get your prize in a couple of seconds, that's it. Blockchain is autonomous, and no human can interfere with it. Consequently, it is impossible to lose money because the casino is closed - the money is already paid into the blockchain.

No fees are required

Your government cannot block or prohibit you from making a deposit to the casino. Likewise, your withdrawal cannot be restricted either. What's more, compared to conventional payment methods, blockchain transaction fees are very low. As a player, you can stay out of the global banking system and still make all kinds of financial transactions.

Higher odds of winning

RTP rates in regular casinos are always higher and are usually around 5%. On the other hand, crypto casinos offer an RTP percentage rate no higher than 1%. Therefore, the frequency of your winnings at a crypto casino Australia will be much higher.

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