We build walls at home

After the foundation of the foundation plate, you need to start the construction of the walls in your home. To do this, we recommend using foam concrete blocks or gas-silicate blocks. They are simple in laying and allow over a short period of time to build a so-called cottage box. The first row of masonry will not be laid on a thin layer of concrete, but on rather fat to align the first row of masonry from the irregularities of the foundation plate. Therefore, we knead more solution and we apply a rather thick layer of it on the foundation plate, then in terms of level align the entire first row.

Since the edges of the foundation plate will not be perfectly even, you need to designate the corners of the house. Measure directly on the plane of the corners, take the carnations there later, when you find and designate all the corners of your cottage, pull the threads. Threads will serve you as a markup line so that you know what limits you can not perform the masonry wall at home.

Now, when you designated the boundaries, proceed to apply a thick layer of the solution, in other words, the leveling layer of the solution. When the layer is applied to find the highest angle on the foundation plate and start the laying from it. Having installed in a horizontal position, several blocks from the highest angle check using the block position level, if everything is in order and blocks are horizontally, you can safely navigate the height of these blocks. Of course, you will have to add more solution at a lower level of the foundation plate, but at the moment you need to make an absolutely perfect first layer of masonry so that the rest of the laying is exactly and accurate.

Where the walls of the basement of the house are desirable to use a special solution that is resistant to moisture. Ask in building stores, they will tell you the best option.

Where the dampness on the first layer of the solution is to be present, it is necessary to put an insulating layer of the Toli.

Now you need to put the first block, strictly align it in the corner and height with a rubber hammer. Do not use here too much solution, because this unit already is at the highest point, which means all other blocks will have to put on an even greater amount of cement mortar, which will only increase your costs.

When you apply a layer of solution, do not align it, but on the contrary, do the blocks and put the blocks on this loose surface, in which case the hitch will be more reliable and stronger.

And one more advice, if you will produce the blocks in summer, it is advisable to moisten it before applying the solution on the foundation plate, then the flap will be better. Also ware and blocks from the other side that you will be installed. You have free video passes available! Use them before they expire https://porno-sex.cam/ free live porn chat with thousands of girls that are online all the time.

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